Amazon : AI·X·IANG AiXiAng Cute Mini 12 Pieces Diamand Ring Style Handmade Scented Soap Guests Keepsake Gift for Bridal Shower Favors Wedding Favors Gift

Price: $15.88
(as of Jan 10,2019 10:37:11 UTC – Details)

AiXiAng Handmade Soap Favors are USA FDA Registed CPIS#: F1127250 .
Sweetly scented and delightfully detailed sharped Packaged in a palm size, beautifully detailed gift box for easy gift giving .
Most natural ingredients ,Rich in glycerin, moist skin,No preservatives, colorants or fragrance oils added to our products. Actually ,the curious thing is soap sweetly smell is attractive for bees .

AiXiAng exclusive designed popular artistic sharped handmade soap favors . Best cutest lovely beautiful handicrafts ,healthy and sweet infrequent keepsake giveaway gifts receptions to any party attendees Guests of wedding parties bridal shower party , wedding parties , baby shower parties , baby birthday or other baby parties ,Popular Occasions ,Religious Celebrations,Holidays,Christmas,Corporate Business,Planning & Ideas ,Office Parties , Anniversary Parties etc .
Your friends or guests will love receiving this adorable favors for its high style and practicality.

Packing Included 24 Pcs x AiXiAng Handmade Scented Soap .
Amazon Fullfilled Delivery 1-6 days ;Seller Fullfilled Delivery 6-12 Natural Days not more than 15 days after order

Get Your Lovely Cutest AiXiAng Handmade Soap Favors Gift Set Today! To ensure best quality, please make sure your purchase is made from AiXiAng.
AIXIANG , Which is registed in USA Trademark Office ,Offering only the best value products with great packaging and honest service to every customer .
AiXiAng products and listings was protected by US trademark Policy and Law .Sweetly scented and delightfully detailed soap for weddings, baby showers, festivals, parties, etc
Packaged in a small, beautifully detailed gift box for easy gift giving
Gift presentation is completed with a pink stripe box .
Rich in glycerin, moist skin. No preservatives, colorants or fragrance oils added to our products, just pure natural ingredients
Your friends or guests will love this adorable keepsake giveaway for its lovely style and practicality


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