Amazon book: UNLOCKING THE POWER OF THE GLYPHS: Incredibly Powerful Glyphs That Can Change Your Life (S) (2nd Edition) (Trilogy of Glyph)

Price: $28.95
(as of Jan 08,2019 10:29:40 UTC – Details)

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is one of the most unusual books ever written. It is a collection of remarkable small drawings called glyphs that have been empowered to have a strong healing effect on the body. A number of the glyphs are capable of drawing out different negative emotions that hold people back from achieving their goals, while other can transmute toxic matter from the body to Light. Other glyphs can transmute pathogens, heal damaged nerve bundles, and speed the healing of damaged tissue. These drawings are empowered with positive and authoritative prayers, intentions and blessings that have given them great energy and ability. Each glyph offers power and wisdom that is useful for removing what may be holding you back and assist you in moving forward. These symbols represent an edict from the Creator to release mankindfrom the bondage that holds them. They are blessed and empowered in asacred ceremony by the entire company of heaven. Regular usage canimpart significant life changes


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